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About me

Who am I and why am I doing this? I was born in 1969 in Angelholm, this year i am gonna be 43. When I was a child like most other kids I liked sweets, but for many years could manage to stay in some sort of balance in that. I worked with horses what required much physical activities, I used to smoke a pack of cigarettws a day thus nicotine helped me to satisfy some sort of my need, besides I was younger. Read more

Thoughts & Life before surgery:

gastric bypass blogg, before surgeryFor many years I had excess weight but after the child birth and quitting smoking weight increased even more. Like so many others, I have a great need for simple carbs, which only makes me gain even more weight. I felt a constant craving for "something" and the feeling of satisfaction that always followed. Yes, you probably know you this ...I've tried almost every weight loss method available, I think! Last year I joined a weight club that encouraged us to live on powdered drinks as long as possible. I lost 15 kg quickly and was excited! I met my current husband and once again I began to indulge in good dinner. I gained 15 kg that I had lost before plus I put on additional 10 kg. Read more

Coming to Lithuania & Surgery

It was 10:00 ant still 6 hours till operation, so I already stopped drinking. We go to the clinic at 11.00 and at 15:00 I dressed-up with the surgical clothes. Medical staff put needles in my body.. There were lots of people and I can hardly remember something more cause it was quite a stressful moment and narkosis started to work also. Several hours later I wake up having 5 keyholes on my stomach with two stitches on each. Hakan was sitting next to me and I could only look at him. After that I get to drink some water to stop the hurt in my back, and it was quite a felief. Probably the kidneys were protesting against dehidratation.. Read more

1 month after gastric surgery (-11 kg)

Life with my new stomach is becoming really normal. Before surgery, you are focused on SURGERY. Now afterwards, I realize that you should not live with just a SURGERY, now I am learning also to know myself again. Something I did not understand, and what actually is impossible to understand, is that you simply do not want to eat foods and sweets the same as you did before. This first month has been easier than I thought. Had been told before that you might feel sick up to a couple of months. Not because of some problems related with the surgery, but simply because after it takes time to "eat" and you can get tired as you can only eat so little. The body is used to getting a large quantity of food, and now it`s dramatically lot less, resulting in fatigue. Read more

2 months after gastric surgery (-15 kg)

gastric bypass blog, before after picturesWe've participated in weddings. I ate a three course meal without any problems! Admittedly, I had to select from a plate what to eat, but for me it felt good. Chocolate cake was delicious! Best of all is that I was GLAD when I finished eating. Before the surgery I had never been able to get enough. Now brains give clear signals that my body is satisfied thus I do not need to think any more about gobbling more, some more, some more ...

However, if I "gobble" the day after I suffer a bit. A number of visits to the bathroom in the morning... Read more




3 months after gastric surgery (-18 kg), 4 months -22 kg

gastric bypass blog, before after pictures, 3 months after surgeryNow i have already been drinking wine. It actually tasted so, but now taking larger amount is quite questionable. You get dizzy after half a glass! This is typical after gastric bypass as most enzymes of the stomach that break down alcohol are no longer abailable, therefore organism is effected quicker. And I am completely satisfied with savoring.

Me and Håkan were in Varberg and stayed in a hotel. Everyone knows that breakfast in hotel is WONDERFUL, but then the hotel probably earned a lot considering what I ate.. Read more




5 months after gastric surgery (-22 kg), 6 months -24 kg

gastric bypass blog, before after pictures, after 5 monthsIf i have to eat out, I choose Asian kitchen. Why? It`s not that fat, it`s good and you can eat quite a lot of it. Some certain foods can be tricky, other simply no longer taste good. For example McDonalds is just to forget, it tastes ugly and I don`t feel good after. Might look strang, but things have improved with Burger King and Sibylla. Perhaps they simply give better food. Strange, but that is true...

Christmas is approaching. We bake gigerbread cookies and saffron buns. It's great to be satisfied with just a small portion of gingerbread and 1 saffron bun! Before the surgery wheat bread was something I could not stop eating. Read more





1 year after gastric surgery (-33 kg)

 Because of the bad weather I took my daughter and we left for Turkey. The whole week with sun and sea.. Absolutely wonderful. I brought here some of Fridas works from the miniclub. We took an all-inclusive package and this is what I would really recommend you after the GB surgery because everything is for free so you can be snacking instead of ordering the full dishes, paying for them and leaving half of the food in plate.  Read more




Before/after photo's of PIA's weight loss progress
Beginning After 5 months (-22kg) After 1 year (-33kg)
gastric bypass blogg, before surgery gastric bypass blog, before after pictures, after 5 months gastric bypass blog, before after pictures, after 15 months

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