2 months After Gastric Surgery

gastric bypass blog, before after pictures-15 kg*. We've participated in weddings. I ate a three course meal without any problems! Admittedly, I had to select from a plate what to eat, but for me it felt good. Chocolate cake was delicious! Best of all is that I was GLAD when I finished eating. Before the surgery I had never been able to get enough. Now brains give clear signals that my body is satisfied thus I do not need to think any more about gobbling more, some more, some more ... However, if I "gobble" the day after I suffer a bit. A number of visits to the bathroom in the morning...

The fact is that after the surgery there occurs one thing you may have not thought of. Body absorbs only about half of what you put in you. So from this little amount you eat, your body takes yet only half. Something I consider as a pretty hard work, but what creates a sense of security is when I get dumping. Dumping is a feeling of fatigue, palpitations, and a desire to lie down. This occurs when you eat too much sugar. Step by step i am learning how much I can tolerate in order avoid that feeling. A golden rule is that little bit is always good.

*Please note that each case is individual and the results may vary.

gastric bypass after 2 months, photos

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