3 & 4 Months After Gastric Bypass

3 months after (-18 kg)*

Now i have already been drinking wine. It actually tasted so, but now taking larger amount is quite questionable. You get dizzy after half a glass! This is typical after gastric bypass as most enzymes of the stomach that break down alcohol are no longer abailable, therefore organism is effected quicker. And I am completely satisfied with savoring.

Me and Håkan were in Varberg and stayed in a hotel. Everyone knows that breakfast in hotel is WONDERFUL, but then the hotel probably earned a lot considering what I ate because that instead of a plate overflowing with food I only picked my little pieces of what I thought was best for me. Actually, when I saw others eating these huge quantities, it looked disgusting fore me. Still I cannot believe I could have eaten so much myself before!

3 months after gastric bypass surgery, photo

4 months after (-22 kg)*

Before the surgery I though I was NOT interesed in fashion anymore. Of course, if everything what you care about clothing is just to find something black, the main function of what is simply to cover body and in PARTICULAR to create an impression of smaller me. So, I was not interested in clothes. But NOW I could buy clothes EVERY week. It`s such a wonderful feeling to be able to have pair of jeans and to wear them without feeling as if I am dying form sphyxiation or that it is too hard for me to lean forward when sitting. Realize that it was an irritation I used to live with every time I had jeans on. Appearance is not everything and actually I have never been particularly vain. Besides, I always had a good self-esteem. I also knew I was not extremely overveight and there were people telling me "You are fine, you don`t need it". May I ask, what are you comparing me with!? With 30 packs of butter, 15 bags flour or with a bag of sand? Who wants that? Not me, for sure.

*Please note that each case is individual and the results may vary.

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