Surgeon Almantas Maleckas MD, PhD

• Has performed more than 4.000 bariatric operations
Doctor of medical science
Works in Lithuania and Sweden, speaks fluent English and Swedish
Member of World Weight Loss surgery group
pioneer in laparoscopic surgery in Eastern Europe 
Practical work in Sweden, Gothenburg University hospital
Has trained many other bariatric surgeons
Practical courses and internships in Ependorf hospital (Germany, Hamburg university), Areteion hospital (Athens university, Greece), Bern (Switzerland)
Specializes in: bariatric surgery and laparoscopic surgery

Almantas Maleckas


Dr Almantas Maleckas holds regular consultations in Sweden, Lithuania or online by Skype. Please contact us in order to make an appointment.

First steps in bariatric carrier

Dr Maleckas was trained for bariatric surgery in 2001, in Sahlgrenska University hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden. 6 years later he established an International Bariatric Training center in Kaunas Medical university Hospital, back in Lithuania. In 2007 Dr Almantas Maleckas also started learning Laparoscopic Esophageal resection and Thoracoscopic procedures in Pitsburg Medical university, USA.

Work in Sweden and Lithuania

Since 2003 Dr Almantas Maleckas has been working in Sweden Sahlgrenska hospital. Approximately he spends 2 weeks every month in Sweden. Surgeon soon learned Swedish language after he started regularly working in Swedish hospital. Dr Maleckas considers working in 2 countries to be useful experience because he can compare 2 different medical systems as well as apply best solutions in daily work from both of his jobs.

Experienced and authoritative specialist

Dr Almantas Maleckas is often invited to various International medical congresses as a special guest to give speeches and lectures. Surgeons from Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Czhech Republic and other countries are always looking forward for the respectable surgeon to come and to share his new personal experience in bariatric and laparoscopic surgery.

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