Bariatric IQ mobile App

What is Bariatric IQ?
  1. It is a mobile app that was created by Nordbariatric clinic.
  2. It took 2 years of intense work with best bariatric specialists to make it.
  3. The most useful feature of this app is special bariatric diet recommendations based on a particular product, a patient’s gender, time after surgery and other factors. Such a feature has not been replicated by any other bariatric apps in the world.
  4. Up to now it is the most comprehensive bariatric app in the world with some exclusive features.
  5. The app is available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Russian
  6. App is available on iOS as well as Android.
  7. To this date the app was downloaded more than 100.000 times!
Our dietitian K. Bauraite explains Bariatric IQ App​
Download it and try for yourself: