Useful Info About Weight Loss Surgery

What to pack in your luggage for a bariatric surgery
Appropriate preparation for bariatric surgery is very important. There are many things that you need to consider and it is always easy to forget something while packing. See a list of things that we recommend to put into your suitcase.

Infographics: Portion sizes
Popular question after weight loss surgery – “How much I am allowed to eat?”. Here are some useful and simple tips for portion measuring. See the infographic

Infographics: Bariatric Surgery Nutritional Pyramid
The most popular question after bariatric surgery is “What I am allowed to eat?”. Although bariatric patients are consulted by dietician, repetition of eating guidelines is always useful. This infographic illustrates the basics of your daily diet

Infographics: Weight Loss Surgery Trends in Europe and the US
Obesity is a fast growing problem. One of the most effective ways to cope with it is bariatric surgery. This infographic illustrates the trends of obesity surgery in Europe and the US

Infographics: Weight Loss Surgery Comparison
Considering bariatric surgery? Want to know the differences between the procedures offered? See the infographic comparing gastric surgeries

Infographics: Ways to lose weight
Did you catch yourself day-dreaming about a more athletic figure? It is high time you did something about it. See the infographic comparing various weight loss ways

Gastric Bypass vs. Gastric Sleeve
Gastric bypass and sleeve are the most popular bariatric surgeries. Both are effective, however, the results and risks vary. Learn the differences between Gastric bypass and Gastric sleeve

Gastric Sleeve: Advantages & Disadvantages
Just like any surgical procedure, gastric sleeve surgery has its pros and cons that must be carefully thought through. Find out what are the pros and cons of gastric sleeve

Gastric Bypass: Advantages & Disadvantages
After gastric bypass a person becomes healthier, more sociable, and self-confident. However, gastric bypass has its drawbacks as well. Find out the pros and cons of gastric bypass

Revision Surgery: Gastric Sleeve to Gastric Bypass
Gastric sleeve was introduced as the first step operation in a two-step approach in super-obese patients before performing gastric bypass. Learn more about two-step bariatric surgery

What to Expect after Gastric Sleeve?
The goal of gastric sleeve is to decrease the capacity of the stomach in order to make you feel full after consuming small amounts of food. As a result, you will start losing weight. Find out what to expect after gastric sleeve

What to Expect After Gastric Balloon Procedure?
Your own effort is crucial in achieving and maintaining the weight loss after bariatric surgery. Gastric balloon placement is designed to ease this process. Find out what to expect after gastric balloon

Physical Activity After Weight Loss Surgery
There is no doubt about the importance of the surgical part of the procedure; however, the patient’s commitment is equally important in adopting a physically active lifestyle along with healthy eating habits. Find out when and what exercises to start

10 Interesting Facts About Weight Loss Surgery
Did you know that the USA is not the most obese country? Curious how much weight one loses after gastric operation? Find the answers to these and many more questions here

10 Interesting Facts About Surgeries Abroad
Since healthcare provides a wide range of services all over the world, global healthcare has become a field of growing interest. Here are ten interesting and useful facts about surgeries abroad

Causes of Obesity
Obesity is spreading fast causing physical and psychological issues. As one fails to manage his weight, his life also seems to spin out of control. Read more about the causes of obesity

Weight Loss Tips
Excess weight imposes higher risk of serious health disorders as well as lower self-esteem. Read these weight loss tips that can help you lose weight and stay fit

Preparation for Weight Loss Surgery
Well-begun is half done! Preparation for the surgery is very important. There are  several steps to be taken. Learn more about preparation for gastric surgery

Hospitalisation After Weight Loss Surgery
Various studies show that hospital stay after bariatric surgery is essential for quick recovery. It is estimated that it should be no less than 2 days. Read more about hospital stay after WLS

Lifestyle Changes After Gastric Bypass
After gastric bypass surgery not only does a person look and feel different but his or her habits usually change as well. Learn how gastric bypass can change lives

Gastric Bypass and Pregnancy
Women suffering from obesity are often infertile. Even if an obese woman gets pregnant, there is a risk of complications for the baby. Learn how gastric bypass surgery may help fertility

Gastric Bypass and Diabetes
The effect of gastric bypass on type 2 diabetes is widely discussed. As much as 60% of gastric bypass patients report remission of diabetes. Read more how gastric bypass can cure diabetes

Overweight And Cancer Risk
Excessive weight poses great risk for developing many health problems and it is a major risk for cancer development. Learn how overweight effects risk of developing cancer

Gastric Bypass And Hypertension
The link between obesity and hypertension is well established. Studies show that these conditions may trigger one another. Learn more how bariatric surgery may help treat hypertension

Gastric Bypass and Heart Attack Risk
Obese people have a high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Studies showed that gastric bypass reduces this risk. Learn how gastric bypass helps preventing heart attack

Nutrition Supplements After Gastric Bypass
Bariatric surgeries reduce food intake that may lead to nutritional deficiencies. Read more about nutrition supplements to be taken after gastric bypass surgery

Gastric Bypass Increases Risk of Alcohol Abuse
Gastric bypass surgery improves a person’s health and self-esteem. However, it increases the risk of developing alcoholism. Find out how gastric bypass affects alcohol abuse

Compulsive Overeating
Compulsive overeating is a disorder also known as addiction to food. Its origins are psychological, as a person tries to ease emotional issues by eating. Learn more about compulsive overeating

Common Fears about Bariatric Surgery
Regaining weight, loosing hair, not being able to follow the post-operation diet, etc. These are the most common fears about bariatric surgery. Find out, which fears are real, and which are just myths

Top 10 product searches on ‘Bariatric IQ’
Most popular Bariatric IQ product searches reveal how people tend to eat and the truth is that not all the choices are appropriate. However, the Bariatric IQ app helps making wiser choices. Here is the list of the TOP 10 products, with their dark and bright sides.