Testimonials After Bariatric Surgery

You can find FULL ALBUM of our before /after photos on our Facebook site.*

Sue, UK
Sue, UK
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This hospital and staff have got the whole package from collection at the airport to consultations so very friendly and professional you are put at ease from the moment you arrive. The only regret I have I wish I had done this years ago. You are up and about so quickly the staff are magnificent I felt so cared for, I now think back and wondered why I was so worried about doing this. I would highly recommend this to anyone overweight.
Lynn, UK
Lynn, UK
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I'm so pleased I went with Nordbariatric Clinic. They are such a professional, friendly & caring team. From correspondence with emails, being picked me up from the airport, taking me for tests, to my hotel & back to the airport. The hospital stay was amazing, the communication was fantastic & I had nothing to worry about. I was well looked after & they couldn't do enough for your recovery & comfort. Thank you to all the staff at Nordbariatric Clinic you are a remarkable team.
Jayne, Scotland
Jayne, Scotland
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Do not hesitate, you will be looked after from the moment you arrive at the airport. The clinic and the team are wonderful, especially Ausra and Santa, they are angels. The Professor is wonderful and will answer all your questions and put you at ease. In terms of value for money this is the top. I was worried about the quality of service by going abroad but I can honestly say I believe I have had better treatment at Nordbariatric than I would ever have got in UK.
Zoe, UK
Zoe, UK
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From the outset I was filled with confidence by the professionalism and efficiency of all the staff from Aurelija my customer service repesentative, to the other reps - Irina and Simona, the medical professionals - Dr Maleckas, the surgeon and the nurses (special mention for Ausra) who cared for me. Never been looked after better and the whole experience in Lithuania was life altering. Would I recommend them? 100%, they are fantastic and if I need further surgery in future I wouldn't hesitate to come back.
Vanessa, Spain
Vanessa, Spain
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Excellent care of each and every one of those who are part of the team! Thank you all...Doctor Maleckas, a true expert! All of the nurses great, they treat you superrr well! Thank you all!!!! And Daiva!!! You are fantastic!!! Thank you very much for everything! And I hope to see you again soon!!! A big kiss!!!
Christine, Norway
Christine, Norway
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A great clinic with a really friendly staff. They take good care of you and make you feel safe during your stay 🙂 All the uncertainty I had before I travelled, disappeared when I first met them.
Adam Drage, UK

In November 2015, I was a 34 year old dad who weighed 146kg’s, looked over 40, felt over 60 and was generally in bad health.

I had suffered with my weight and put up with people making fun of me my whole life.

My doctor had put me on tablets to control my dangerously high cholesterol levels and advised me I was at high risk of diabetes having a stroke or heart problems if I did not loose weight.

But for me, the worst part was not having quality of life… The embarrassment of not fitting on the rides at an amusement park or getting the seatbelt round me on a plane or not being able to buy cloths from a high street store as nothing fitted. I would get out of breath just walking up the stairs to bed and always suffered with aches and pains from carrying the extra weight around. I hardly bothered socialising with friends as I was too self conscious of my appearance that I wouldn’t have fun anyway. I have 3 beautiful children but hardly had the energy to play with them or do activities with them before.

I had tried every diet but they hardly worked and I soon piled the weight back on anyway. For the sake of my children and for myself. I knew something had to be done!

Searching the internet, I found ‘Nordbariatric’ and after exchanging a few emails. I was soon booked in for my Gastric Bypass operation in Lithuania. I traveled there on my own and had never been there before so naturally, I was very nervous as I did not know what to expect. The whole experience was amazing however and would recommend this to anybody in a similar dilemma. The medical care I received was top quality as was the clinic, the hotels and the country.

12 months on, it turns out this was probably the best decision I will make in my whole life! I now weigh 83kg’s and look fantastic. I’m always getting complimented on how good I look. I have no health issues, I’m full of confidence and have a quality of life. I actually enjoy exercising, love getting involved playing with my children and above all, I am happy.

4 weeks ago, I returned to the clinic for a tummy tuck and already LOVE the results. I can’t wait for the summer so I can show off my new body!

While I was there, I was asked if I could share my story with them for people who were about to embark on a similar journey as I have. So, here it is…
I hope this helps to settle any nerves or concerns you may have.

There will be a period of recovery time following the operation but it is well worth the results. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

Well, onwards and upwards for you now so good luck and enjoy life.*


Marc, Switzerland

I am feeling just great – a new born man. Everything went perfectly, from the beginning to the end. I got supported very well and superfast for all my questions before the trip to Kaunas. The whole team was so motivated & aligned, all the processes ran on time and very smoothly etc – what do you need more ?

Prof. Maleckas is not only a great surgeon, but also a wonderful person….. and so are the nurses who really took great care of me. That was my first operation ever, but I had no pain at all. Never (…and I am pretty thankful for that). I will never forget the time I spent with you guys and I can just recommend you to all out there, who are suffering and need bariatric assistance. Thank you.*

Helen, UK

I had my surgery 8th September 2015 and it’s been just over 5 Months ago. I can’t praise the professor, anaesthetist, nursing and allied professionals enough. They were competent, professional, kind and caring throughout my surgery and recovery.

I enjoyed staying in Kaunas and the Lithuanian people are lovely. I met fellow patients and we stayed at the same hotels. We met up, supported each other and formed friendships which helped pass the time and share experiences.

2 months on I’d recover well and sticking to my diet and had lost 2.5 stone. I still had 2.5 stone to lose and I knew that it would take time as the weight loss had been so dramatic during this time but will even out overtime.

5 months on I have about 10lbs to lose but I’m very happy with my weight loss and the assistance the bypass has given me to help curb my overeating desire/habit. I compliment my diet with exercise,  supplements  of vitamins  iron and calcium. My blood pressure is now normal, I feel fit and well and I’m complimented on how good I look.

I would recommend Nordbariatric to anyone. It’s not an easy decision to make and once made choosing your service provider is even more difficult. I wanted good quality and good value for my hard earned money. I think I’ve achieved that and am very happy with the outcome of the surgery. Obviously the rest is up to me.*

Kerry, UK

I am absolutely fabulous, I have lost 6 stone 6 lbs, which is amazing. It is now 1 year after my surgery, during that time I have been on 4 holidays abroad and managed to lose weight each time.

Usually I will put on a stone or more.

I go to the gym, I can run upstairs, I’m not out of breath when walking up hills.

I was borderline Diabetes and borderline thyroid before the op, both of these are now in the normal range. I sleep better without the fat suffocating me, I’m more comfortable in bed.

I have found bones where I didn’t know they existed.

I have made new friends and started my own business, these are things I couldn’t have done before.

One of the best things is each time I put on clothes I feel them getting larger & me getting smaller, before I dreaded trying on my clothes because each time things would get smaller or feel tight on me, I have got all my old clothes out that I put away 7 or 8 years ago & I am starting to wear them again.

I don’t have to shop online or only in the large lady shops, my size & weight is of a normal range, although I am still losing weight gradually. I love buying smaller size clothes.

I don’t have anything that I need to ask, I take my vitamins daily, I eat enough protein, I eat fruit and vegetables each day and don’t suffer too much with dumping, I have learnt how to live with my new stomach, it has taught me how to eat properly and what to be careful with.

I would recommend this operation to anyone, it has changed my life completely, I am a lot happier & I am truly thankful to be given a second chance, I just wish I had done it a long time ago.*

Catherine, Ireland

I am so happy that I had the courage to do the operation and that I had my surgery in your clinic, I am doing really great since my surgery and my life has changed completely, I have lost 5 stone and dropped 4 dress sizes since I decided to have the bypass surgery in June 2013.

I had no side effects after the surgery only a great reduction in my appetite and no cravings. I was wondering did I dream that I had the surgery because I feel so well, my energy is great, I am walking or swimming every day.

I was so afraid to travel abroad for my surgery, if I only knew how good I would feel after the surgery, I would have done it years ago.

Food controlled my life before my surgery, The bypass surgery has helped me to take back control from FOOD. My surgery was only a tool for my weight loss, I have done a lot of personal development regarding my past eating patterns, why I needed to over eat, what was driving me to use FOOD as a source of comfort, the personal development work and the bypass surgery have helped me to understand myself more.

I would advise anybody considering bypass surgery abroad to have their surgery in your clinic.*

Patient, UK

I now am 76k (nearly 2 months after surgery), I was 95k at Christmas time. I have a good diet, and I drink lots of water. I take all my vitamins as and when I should. My blood pressure has dropped down to normal, for the first time in 20 years, it is about 140 over 80.  I just feel so well. My own GP is very pleased with me, she has been very supportive too.

I can exercise more, and enjoy my life more. I walk for at least one hour everyday, and I garden a lot now.

This is the best thing I have ever done for myself, and I just wish I had done it a lot early in my life.*

Irene, Germany

I have switched to protein diet before the surgery, therefore the period after the surgery is not hard for me. What I couldn’t expect was that I could speed-walk, I really like that.

I was very satisfied with my stay at the clinic, both the staff and the doctors were very attentive. I felt very well.*


Kerstin, Germany

I would like to express my highest praise for the clinic and all the staff. I felt well cared at all times. I will absolutely recommend your clinic at home.*

Sandra, Sweden / Chile

Hi my name is Sandra. I live in Sweden and I had gastric bypass on 08.09.2014. Today it is one month after my surgery. I feel great. I had no complications and I’m already eating blended food.

I’ll tell you a little about my experience. I tried losing weight for many years, yoyo dieting, as they say, when you lose some weight and then gain more kilos than you’ve lost before. One day I started looking online and found this clinic in Lithuania. Their prices were nearly half lower than the price of Sweden and the operating surgeon works part time in Sweden, and they had no waiting list. So I called and I was very well received by Agne, a person who speaks Spanish very well. She met me at the airport and helped me throughout my stay. It was a great help to me, I felt safe in her company. I came to Lithuania in the morning of the same day I had consultation with the doctor. He explained about the operation and answered all my questions, so I was quite relaxed about the surgery. The next day we talked to the anesthesiologist and the same day in the afternoon I had the surgery.

09.09.2014 The surgeon visited me to check how I feel. 09.10.2014 The surgeon came in the afternoon and I was discharged from the clinic.

I thank all the nurses, anesthesiologist and especially the doctor who is a gentleman and an excellent surgeon.*

Julio, Spain

I was a pioneer to get in the good hands of Dr. Almantas Maleckas. I did not know anyone from my country that had gone to Lithuania to get bariatric surgery. However, after extensive research about the surgeon I discovered information about his long career and flawless reputation, I was reassured that I made the right decision.

My experience was successful, full of certainty and confidence conveyed by Dr. Maleckas and other staff. Nurses, customer service and all clinical staff were highly professional and friendly.

testimonio JulioAgne, the Spanish interpreter who accompanied me all the time, from the airport to the operating room, speaks perfect Spanish and is very kind.

It is two weeks after the surgery. I haven’t felt the slightest pain and my recovery has been so good that I allowed myself the luxury of Kaunas sightseeing and visiting the beautiful city of Vilnius.

I am properly losing weight and my health is good.

For me Nordbariatric and Dr. Almantas Maleckas was the best option that I chose from the many other clinics.

Thanks for everything.*

Verónica, Spain

My experience with Nordbariatric clinic has not been just good – it was excellent. At first I had doubts about going outside of Spain but the Spanish interpreter Agne not only answered all my doubts but also gave me phone numbers of people that have been operated. So not only I was able to read the patients‘ testimonials but also was able to know how they are today and find out more about their progress. Such good reviews encouraged me to decide to change my life and I am so glad I did it.

testimonio veronicaI have not had to worry about anything, everything was perfectly organized since I landed when it came to the transfers to the hotel, clinic, airport. They are not only very good professionals, but have also were very friendly.

Today I can say I feel great, I have not had any problems. Moreover, I can already see my physical changes. I am very grateful to Norbariatric, the surgeon Almantas Maleckas, anesthesiologist and nurses who were wonderful. For me they have exceeded my expectations and I thoroughly recommend them. If anyone wants to contact me, I’d be happy to answer.*

Camilla, Denmark

In short: I feel great!!!

The weight falls bit by bit and by now I have lost 22 kg. I made a good start with the exercise and found a good eating regime.

There are a few things I still can not eat, but I’m ok with the fact that I might not be able to. I can not really get my new stomach to process beef and sushi.

I would have preferred to lose weight faster, like it happened to one of my friends after the same operation, but we are all different. She is much younger and did not lose and then again gain weight as many times as I have over the years. But we are a good support to each other.

My blood pressure is still a little too high, but it also decreases steadily and I hope that bit by bit it goes down together with the weight.

I have no cravings for sweets, but still struggling a bit with drinking enough water.*

Leon, Denmark

Never have I seen an operation as painless as the one with you. I simply do not mark anything, everything goes fine and I am very happy about my decision. Good doctor, skilled staff and a really good service. What more could you want.*

Ditte, Denmark

Thank you for my new life. I’ve already lost 5 kg since the surgery and it was only 3 weeks ago. I’ve had a really good experience at the clinic, was picked up and taken to and from airport + hotel and clinic. Thanks to the staff at the clinic, and especially to the surgeon.*

Tommy, Sweden

Episodes from Tommy’s blog:

… Dr Maleckas, who speaks excellent Swedish, meant it when he recommended a gastric bypass instead sleeve, which I liked. It was based on that the reflux problems can lead to Barrett, which in turn increases the risk of gastric cancer…

… So now I have arrived to Lithuania and the capital Vilnius. Jurate, Nordbariatric representative, is a likable and cute girl who speaks excellent English. The hotel is really good and at least four stars…

… We have come to Kaunas, pronounced Kanas, and we were joined in the car with Ida from Norway and her sister. She was operated today, had gastric bypass. The clinic is great and with all the up-to-date facilities, which feels good and reliable. They took three tubes of blood samples and I will be taken tonight for a meeting with the doctor. I will see Dr Maleckas. Mike filmed the whole time in the clinic. There was no problem…*

The blog is in Swedish. Full blog at: http://viktop.se/forum/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=65485&start=20

Emelie, Sweden

I feel fantastic. Have lost 27 kg in nine months and it’s so nice. Have only ten kilograms left to my goal weight of 55kg.

The surgery is clearly the best I’ve done, I can eat everything but just in smaller portions. All my blood tests are good and I have not had any complications after the surgery.*

Patient, Sweden

Just want to thank you for everything. I’m so happy.

Have already lost 3.5 kg and everything has gone smoothly. I have not vomited nor had any pain at all.

Thank you again. Tonight we go home and I’ll continue the journey to my new slim life … it feels amazing.
Big hug*

Helena, Sweden

I want to tell you that I feel fantastic and have now lost 22 kg. I have not had any complications, no dumps. Everything has gone great.

I have been to my family doctor and taken samples and everything was fine, iron value was a little high so I do not take iron tablets.

There is a couple who have called me and asked about your clinic and I have only positive things to say. I’m in a Facebook group for bariatric surgery and I have recommended you there too. :-)*

Patient, Denmark

High quality and professional service with European senior doctor. I was very satisfied and can only recommend it.*

Tore, Norway

I am a very busy person, so I wanted to get the surgery done as soon as possible. When I talked to prof. Almantas on the phone, he gave me a lot of tough questions and checked that I was really ready for gastric bypass. Although I was ready to pay and get surgery there and then, he did not go along with it. I really did know that health comes first, not the trade. I prefer to be treated honestly. The surgeon’s confidence was the most important thing when I chose the clinic, and I thought they had it on NordBariatric.*

Nina, Norway

My journey to Lithuania went very well.

I had some pain in my stomach, but I got painkillers as soon as I asked for it. I was well supervised, the staff was awesome and good at answering any questions I had. The surgeon, anaesthetist and other employees took care of me all day. I got plans such as breathing exercises, leg exercises by the physiotherapist that I had to do, it was very important that I walked a lot, so I did the exercises and was walking back and forth in the room every hour. I had a conversation with the dietician and learned what to eat and drink the next few weeks and got a pamphlet that had tips and advice, and what you had to do in the first few weeks. 3 weeks after surgery, I had lost about 9 kg. I have not had any problems after the surgery, and am super happy with the result.

I would highly recommend to go to Lithuania to have gastric bypass. You save a lot, you learn a lot about the operation when talking to a person who speaks your native language and get all the information you need.*

Henriette, Norway

My name is Henriette. I had gastric bypass in April 2013. I will just say that I now weigh 70 kg, which is normal weight 😀 super happy! The help I received has changed my life for the better.*

Helle, Norway

I want to thank all of you involved in Nordbariatric for a FANTASTIC service during my stay there!

Karina and Paula do a great job!!

Everyone I’ve met have been professional, but also very nice and warm.

Meeting with the surgeon and anaesthesiologist beforehand was particularly reassuring, I was totally relaxed in regards to the operation.

The nurses deserve special thanks. Amazing, talented and with great compassion and care. They are all angels!! <3*

Arnhild, Norway

I was operated on February 26, 2013 and I am very happy. My weight has been very stable over the past year. I now weight 67 kg and am 177 cm tall, expecting a child now on February 11th and have not gone up more than 7 kg. Thank you once again for all your help. I got rid of migraine and back has been much better. My life in general has been much better.*

Linda, Norway

This picture was taken on May 24 🙂 I’m very happy with the result and the loss of 51 kg 🙂 many doors have opened for me, especially on the social life part. Now it’s nice to go out and meet people, nice to buy clothes in a size 36 instead size 54 🙂 I took blood samples 14 days ago and it is great, I eat everything except the wrong foods and sweets …. Thanks for the help to you at this clinic.*

Sissel, Norway

Today is one year since my surgery. I have lost over 40 kg within this year! I’m just sooo happy and grateful!

My life has changed totally from day one after surgery!

Discharge day I was out walking in the city for two hours! From the first day at home I started to hike again. In September, I was on a 6 hour hike – a goal I hoped to achieve at this time 🙂

I constantly go on 2-3 hour trips. Have several long hiking destinations for summer.

I definitely have more energy than before, but there is still room for improvement and I hope that later it will be even better. Anyway, the change is so amazing. My husband says it is a miracle that has happened to me 🙂

I have not had any complaints of operation – no pain or discomfort.

I am very happy and grateful that you took an additional assessment and agreed to perform a surgery on me!!!*

Jostein, Norway

After I got home weight has gone steadily downhill, and health has become better and better. I only regret I have not done this earlier. Nothing to be nervous about or be afraid of.

I can confidently recommend NordBariatric. It is at least equally good as any Norwegian clinic. Only much cheaper and better service.*

Liz, Sweden

I had gastric bypass surgery on May 19 and have lost 17 kilograms in seven weeks. Everything has gone well and I can eat almost anything. Well I do avoid fat and sugar as I get a bad feeling in my stomach after eating something sweet of fat. I’ve got my strength back. I take daily walks and feel better than pre-op both physically and mentally.

Finally, I want to thank you for a very nice visit. Big thank you to Jurate in customer service who organized and coordinated the entire stay, nurses that took care of me after the surgery, and of course the professor!*

Ulla, Denmark

I have been extremely pleased with the way I have been treated from my first conversation with their customer service contact – a girl named Jurate.
She picked us up at Vilnius airport and drove us to Kaunas where the clinic and our hotel was located. On the day of the surgery we were picked up by Jurate and taken to the clinic.

I got a private room with a TV. There was a very nice nurse who took care of me. I thought it was very reassuring that the surgeon spoke fluent Swedish, and he could understand everything I said in Danish. Lovely.

I am very pleased and satisfied. I recommend this clinic to everyone who are considering weight loss surgery.*

Hege, Norway

The journey to and from Lithuania went very well. I was met at the airport and felt cared after during my entire stay. One surprise was that there was a chiropodist after surgery that gave me foot massage! You probably cannot get that kind of service in Norwegian hospitals.

Before discharged, I had conversation with the surgeon and dietician who told me about my new diet and life changes going forward. At the moment the three weeks have passed since the surgery and I have lost 11 kg. I am very happy!

I recommend anyone considering weight loss surgery to travel to Lithuania. There is no waiting line and you get high quality care. Moreover, you can take the opportunity to experience a bit of Kaunas / Vilnius.

Greet everyone at the clinic and say thank you for all the help!*

Pia, Sweden

For many years I had excess weight but after the child birth and quitting smoking weight increased even more. Like so many others, I have a great need for simple carbs, which only makes me gain even more weight. I felt a constant craving for “something” and the feeling of satisfaction that always followed. Yes, you probably know this …I’ve tried almost every weight loss method available, I think! Last year I joined a weight club that encouraged us to live on powdered drinks as long as possible. I lost 15 kg quickly and was excited! I met my current husband and once again I began to indulge in good dinner. I gained 15 kg that I had lost before plus I put on additional 10 kg.

Recently I became familiar with bariatric surgery. People around me had done it, I searched online forums where I looked at before and after pictures! I interviewed people around me and found it hard to believe them when they said they were really satisfied after only a small portion of food or a cake or a chocolate bar. At the same time, I saw their weight loss …

When I sought a referral from my GP to do a gastric bypass, I was shocked by the waiting time. It could be up to two years. Once you have decided, you want to do it as soon as possible.

I have looked for private alternatives in Sweden, but soon realised the I could not afford it as it approximately would cost around 110 000 SEK.
Then I began browsing through the web for treatment abroad and thought that our neighbours may have very different prices than us. I sent the request to four different clinics in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. I got really nice responses and realized that I had found the right place – NordBariatric.com. I got very nice and professional contact with Jurate Pasnovaite! When I realized that the surgeon Almantas Maleckas is fluent in Swedish and has done over 3000 gastric surgeries and is a professor of stomach / intestinal surgery and that the cost of the whole thing was about half of what it costs in Sweden, it was just a question of time for me before I landed on the operating table in Kaunas, Lithuania.
If you are interested in learning more about obesity surgery, you are welcome to contact me!*

Mina, UK

I’ve been researching different WLS procedures for about a year, and been looking at clinics in the UK and abroad as well. Nordbariatric Clinic came up from a google search, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect.
I got in touch with them via email and was surprised at the fast response and high quality of details. All the information I wanted was given, and all my questions/concerns were answered.

I took a leap of faith and paid a deposit to book my surgery date, all travel plans were made with the clinic’s help (Aurelija was fantastic in coordinating all the logistics).
Arrived at Kaunas 2 days before surgery, the clinic provides all pickups between the airport/hotel/clinics. The next day I was taken to do a gastroscopy and blood tests. This revealed a slight inflammation in the stomach.

After consulting with the Surgeon, he explained that this inflammation makes the risk of complications of the Gastric Sleeve higher, and recommended I go with the bypass instead, which I agreed to. I also met the anesthesiologist, who’s very lovely and she put my mind at ease.
The following day I was taken to the main clinic, and was given a comfortable room with en-suite bathroom/shower, A/C and TV. All the staff speak very good English, which makes communication very easy. I was debriefed on the procedure and had my blood pressure measured and a cannula put in my arm and given the pre-anesthesia medication.

When the time came, I was taken to the operating room, and before I knew it I went to sleep and woke up in my room feeling a bit drowsy but was surrounded by the nursing staff.
I spent 2 nights at the clinic for recovery, and was very well looked after by the nursing staff, who are all very kind, professional and attentive.

The surgeon came to see me after the operation, and made sure I was feeling ok and all was well. My temperature, blood pressure was taken regularly, and had a blood test done daily to ensure recovery. When everything was back to normal, I was discharged, given all the post-op information/instructions needed. I also met with the dietitian, who talked me through the regime I needed post surgery and the lifestyle that would keep me healthy and losing weight.
I spent my last night in Kaunas, and headed back to London the next day.

I had a very positive experience, and all the staff I dealt with were very friendly and accommodating. Special thanks to Aurelija and the rest of the assistants for coordinating the pickups/transfers, and to the clinic staff who took excellent care of me pre/post op, and of course to Mr. Almantis for performing the surgery with no issue.

I’m very happy with my decision to deal with Nordbariatric, and would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering doing this procedure abroad. Kaunas is a nice city, Lithuanian people are lovely, and the clinic staff are simply amazing; and to make things even better, the price tag is half what you pay in the UK or other Western European countries.

Thanks so much for everything.*

*Please note that each case is individual and the results may vary.