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Tia, UK

Fantastic surgeon and team.

I had my gastric bypass in October 2018 and it was the best decision I have ever made.

The team were quick at responding to my application, my countless emails and questions. I was given enough information to make an informed decision and was very well prepared before I arrived.

My hotel was booked by the clinic and I was met at the airport by a car which took me to my hotel. All of my journeys to and from the clinic were taken care of by the clinic. I was keep informed throughout my stay of the times I was being picked up etc and this made my stay much less stressful.

At the clinic I met the anaesthetist and my surgeon who talked me through every step and made sure I understood everything. They were both very professional and friendly. I also met the nutritionist before and after surgery who discussed my diet post op.

When I arrived for my surgery I was kept informed of the timings and made to feel welcome and relaxed. The nursing team were exceptional!

After surgery I was kept in for a few days to make sure I was healing well and then discharged to my hotel to finish recovery before my flight home. The hospital kept in contact with me to make sure I was doing ok.

Once I arrived home I had the full support still of the clinic and subsequently my GP who had supported my decision to have this surgery privately.

My weight loss has been amazing! I have lost weight and feel great. I can now fit into normal sized clothes, I can paint my own toe nails and I can put my socks on a breathe at the same time! However the biggest result is my health. I have arthritis which made it very difficult to walk but since my weight loss my arthritis is much easier, my migraine’s have improved and I am happier and healthier than I have ever been.

My family and I now enjoy walking and cycling and our time together is much happier instead of them doing things and me staying at home in pain.

If you are thinking of having surgery please get in touch with the clinic who I am sure will help you like they helped me. I wish I had done this sooner in my life but I am now living the life I want to!

Rebecca, UK

This clinic is FANTASTIC

This clinic is FANTASTIC! From start to finish, my experience with NordBariatric has been amazing. The staff are highly professional, approachable and the nurses are superstars with your aftercare post surgery. The surgeon is thorough with his work and ensures that all potential complications are ruled out before you get discharged to go home. They routinely keep your care up to date, take bloods, your blood pressure, administer regular pain medication (if needs be) and are very attentive to your needs!

I was very worried to do the operation but as soon as I arrived to Lithuania, all my worries and fears subsided! From the moment you enter the country the clinic represent the true meaning of excellent customer and patient services. You do not need to worry about transport to and from the airport and your accommodation, food options and where to take and pay for Covid tests as the clinic has that sorted for you! Just to make it clear, you will be required to pay for your own accommodation, food and Covid tests but the clinic are well known for their excellent connections to these things! 😉 This wasn’t a problem for me as my health comes first!

Jurate who works in the admin side of the team and regularly communicates with you via email, is so attentive and readily open to answer any questions or concerns you may have. He is also very resourceful with providing you with information so that’s a plus!

I will most definitely be attending the clinic once again for future operations following my weight loss journey.

Thank you Nords, you’re all amazing!

Gemma, UK

I honestly cannot recommend Nords enough. From my first email through to coming home the whole team have been so helpful. There was a quick turnaround in queries with the staff physically asking response for questions from the surgeon himself if needed.
I must have sent hundreds of emails and all of them were responded to quickly and politely.
From landing in Lithuania to going home I was completely at ease and looked after by the team from leaving the airport. The logistics team arranged the transport throughout my stay taking me to appointments, for tests and dropping me back at the hotel and even the airport- 90 mins away from the clinic. It was absolutely stress free.
The whole medical and surgical team at Nords are absolutely outstanding. They were kind, helpful and really looked after me pre and post op. The surgeon and anaesthetist were so knowledgeable and made me feel so at ease. I can’t even put into words how amazing they all were. Thank you for changing my life. I’m 6 days post op and already a stone down but I feel fantastic. Thank you so much

Mary, Ireland

Top Class

From the moment I contacted The Nords Clinic I encountered nothing but professionalism.
The contact with my rep prior to my departure for Kaunas was always very prompt and professional.
Once I arrived in Kaunas I was collected from the airport by a very nice young man who brought me safety to y hotel. I stayed at the Kaunas City hotel which was recommended by Nords, it was a fantastic base for me, and I must say I don’t think I ever slept in a bed that was as comfortable!!
The clinic itself was very well run, spotlessly clean with alot of detail in relation to IPC. The anaesthetist met me before my surgery and discussed all the possible side effects, she was very patient and explained everything really well. All the nurses are very professional and I was very happy with the care I received while in the clinic.
I am two weeks post surgery now and am felling 100%. My incisions are healing beautifully.
Another bonus was meeting two very nice ladies whom had surgery the same day as me, we will remain friends for a long time.

Nicole, UK

I had bypass surgery one week ago and already I am excited to post my review for this clinic. Firstly I would like to say that I did have a consultation with another clinic previously who actually stopped contact with me for no reason whatsoever, then I found nord and it was the best thing that I ever did.

The communication skills from the rep that I was dealing with me, Ineta were amazing. I feel like she’s a lifelong friend. She was friendly, patient with me, informative and efficient. She took care of everything for me. She guided me through processes of payment, all covid procedures that needed to be sorted before arrival, and most importantly, she gave me all the information that I needed for my operation.

When I arrived in Lithuania with my mum, A member of the nord logistics team was waiting for us when we landed. He brought us to our hotel and the team dealt with our travel for the full week to and from appointments for bloods, Covid tests, surgery and back to the airport at our time of departure. I think into all I had encountered three drivers, all of him were very polite but I would especially like to praise Algis four his skills. Absolute angel!

For the two days of being in the clinic for my operation and recuperation, I had my bloods taken and an ECG done pre-op. All the nurses that I encountered were so lovely and really helpful. They are certainly in the right profession, each and every one of them! The dietician was thorough and clear. Lastly I would like to mention the surgeon I completed my operation, Prof. Maleckas, and in turn changed my life for the better.

I am so, so grateful to nord for the services that were provided for me, all of which were absolutely astounding and so beyond what I imagined. No simple action went unnoticed in making my journey as easy as possible. I cannot credit nord enough. There are absolutely no failings whatsoever that I can think of to put in this review. Thank you so much team nord and keep being amazing!

Anon, Ireland

The best in Europe

It was a very easy decision choosing Nords. I had been in the Facebook patient support group for 6 months and was both motivated and inspired by the amazing weightloss journeys I saw.
I was able to learn everything about the process from the personal testimonies which made me very well prepared for my own turn.
Absolutely everything about my time in Kaunas was flawless, professional and efficient.
The drivers, nurses and admin staff made sure that everything ran like clockwork.
The professor himself is a genius and a master in his field. I wasn’t afraid of having the surgery for a second because I knew I was in the best hands. I was able to walk around about an hour or two after surgery and only had some pain on the first day. I am two weeks post operative and haven’t taken any pain relief since I’ve come home.
My incisions are small and neat. They’ve not been a bother at all.
I also have to mention that the anesthetist is the best I’ve ever dealt with. She was just the calmest, warmest and most reassuring person I had ever met.
The care I received in the clinic was five star. The nurses were exceptional at their jobs and kept me happy and comfortable the whole time I was there.
I can’t rate Nords highly enough. Every aspect of my time in Kaunas was perfect thanks to them.
Like everyone says, my only regret is not getting it done sooner. I’m down 13 kilos, my resting heart rate is down 20 points and I can finally sleep for a full 8 hours for the first time in 15 years.
I owe my life to the professor because my weight was seriously impacting my health. Thanks to his intervention, I’m more mobile, I can breathe better and am feeling like a new person.

Amanda, UK

Absolutely fantastic Clinic

I had suffered for many years from chest pain and reflux due to Gerd and a Hiatus hernia
But surgery in the Uk is a very long process of a wait and see approach and cost privately I could never afford
Due to this I searched the net and came across Nordbariatric clinic and inquired
From my first communication with the lovely Jurate I felt very confident and for long time of suffering I jumped with joy it was going to be fixed
On arrival I was nervous but there was no need to be at all everything is arranged from collection at airport for test and post op preparation even transport to return to airport
My first approach with Professor Almantas Malevkas who is a lovely professional gentleman was very informative on my procedure on having my hiatus hernia repaired and also a Toupet 270 fundoplication to prevent reflux
From there my surgery all went well a bit discomfort but was relatively short lived
I had 5 small incisions that after 4 weeks have healed with no complications at all
I was given a dietary list to follow and dressing if needed
I stayed one night at the clinic the staff are lovely from nurses to reception staff absolutely brilliant and really helpful and look after you well
The drivers that take you around well what can I say very polite always on time and very helpful also
So now I’m 4 weeks post op no more pain as before no reflux and sleeping really well without constantly waking up reaching for the Gaviscon and walking around with chest pain
It’s a long process in recovery and careful diet but that was expected
I cannot Thank Professor Almantas Malevkas enough and all the staff my life has changed so much since surgery and I’m certainly going to take care with my procedure
Thank you all so much I am one happy patient that’s regained my life back with all your professional help and support through my procedure.

Mrs F, UK

The Best Bariatric Clinic in Europe

I debated for 4 yrs whether to have surgery. I planned to have surgery in the UK but waiting lists, even private lists were so long. I decided to look overseas. I found a clinic and a surgeon with great credentials and it noted who he had been trained by….Prof. Almantas Maleckas and my thought was why go to the player, when you can go direct to the coach! I did a Google search and came across Nordbariatric. I did some research on the surgeon and found he was registered with the GMC in the UK and he had done thousands of procedures. His leakage and mortality rates were really positive too and so, I took the decision to contact Aurelija at the clinic. I did a medical questionnaire and a few days later I was approved for surgery, my date set and deposit paid. It was so simple. I arranged my own hotel and flights but the clinic can help with this too! I arrived on 5th, I had pre-op and Covid tests on 7th and on the 9th I was in surgery….it was so slick. The wonderful drivers that picked me up and took me to where I needed to be were great and carried my bags….it’s the little things. Everyone speaks perfect English too…so can answer your questions and help you whenever it’s needed. The physio and dieticians were fabulous. The information given was spot on and really helped. The Professor is lovely, so kind, doesn’t just operate for the sake of taking your money, he has ethics and his knowledge was incredible. As someone who has had surgery, I thought I’d be in pain afterwards. I wasn’t. I’d say it was 1/10. My wounds on my tummy are small and neat. They are healing so beautifully. In fact, I am healing beautifully.

I feel better now than I did before the op…my weight is dropping off too….I weighed 113kg on 7/7 and on 23/7 I weigh 102kg…I’m not hungry and feel fully quickly.

Helping me post surgery is the BariatricIQ app that Nordbariatric created. It’s helping me to keep on track with eating and drinking and even gives recommendations! It’s so good! I’ve even had emails from the clinic checking in on me now I am home.

The clinic and rooms are spotless.

The experience has been 6* not 5* and I would recommend Nord Clinics to anyone requiring bariatric surgery or aesthetics.

I shall be going back next year for another procedure I am sure. Look out for my next 6* review.

Thank you Nords for giving me my life back. <3

JD, Ireland

Totally Positive Experience

From the very first email my interaction with Nords was very positive. My customer service rep answered every question promptly and efficiently. And there were very many questions. Having filled out the medical questionnaire and forwarded my blood results, I was preliminarily approved for surgery. Booking and paying the deposit was very easy. I decided to wait until January but there were dates available as soon as 4 to 6 weeks ahead. I was given a weight loss target for the Liver Reduction Diet which must be carried out for 2 to 3 weeks (weight dependent) before surgery. I was also provided with helpful information that allowed me to achieve this weight loss.

So having lost 7kg on the Liver Reduction Diet in just 16 days, it was time to travel to Lithuania. While sitting in the airport, outbound I received a text giving me details of my collection time for tests the following morning. On arriving at Kaunas airport I was met by Nords logistics who transported me to my hotel.

The next morning I was taken to the clinic for tests including bloods and ecg. I was very impressed with both the reception and nursing staff who all spoke English. The clinic itself was spotlessly clean. I also got to meet Prof. Maleckas. He was wonderful. He answered all my questions and indeed answered many questions I never thought to ask. By the end of the consultation I had 100% confidence in him and was so excited to have this opportunity.

The following day I was collected by the logistics team and taken to the clinic for surgery. Everything I needed was provided, including gown, slippers, robe, towels and face cloth, soap and toothbrush and paste. I also had my own TV with Netflix. I met the anesthesiologist and was given a pre op injection and soon afterwards was taken down to surgery. The team in the theatre were wonderful and before I knew it I was back in my room.

On waking up, as is expected after surgery, I felt uncomfortable but my lovely nurse was always on hand, giving me sips of water, pain meds and getting me up and walking. The care I received was second to none. I also saw Prof Maleckas that evening who reassured me that all went well. My progress was so rapid that I spent just one night in the clinic. Again I saw Prof. Maleckas before my discharge. I also saw the dietican and physiotherapist before discharge. I was delighted to spend the second night in a comfy double bed but I was taken back to the clinic the following day for bloods and follow up. I was giving paracetamol for pain and Omeprazole for my stomach. I also was given a regime of blood thinner injections. I had to inject myself each day up to a few hours before my flight home. This was completely painless and very simple to do by following the nurses instruction. I took paracetamol for about six days after the surgery.

In total I was in Lithuania for one week. It is advised that you arrive 2 days before your scheduled surgery date and remain in Lithuania for 5 nights post surgery. Nordbariatric have apartments that I believe are wonderful but I chose to stay in a hotel in the town centre.

So far my recovery has been excellent and I have lost over 2 stone on about 4 1/2 weeks. I am very much looking forward to the future with my new weightloss tool. It is also worth mentioning the Cross Border Directive. If it is your intention to claim CBD, Nords are very familiar with this and will ensure you have a face to face consultation with Surgeon and have all the relevant paper work completed for you to take home.

I highly recommend Nordbariatric.

ROB, Ireland

Don’t Hesitate!!!!

I have zero hesitation in recomending the Nordbariatric clinic. I did plenty research before deciding on travelling (from Ireland) and was not disappointed. The clinic is so modern, spotlessly clean, airy and well-staffed. I was blown away by the efficiency and professionalism of everyone I dealt with from the initial inquiries to post-op (I’m 2 weeks post gastric bypass and doing well). I met people who were coming back for the third and fourth time (for cosmetic surgery), people who travelled from Canada and the US for hip and knee surgery and so many people, like me, for bariatric surgery, most of whom are still in contact via group chats and all of us have said we would not hesitate to recommend or to go back to the Nordbariatric clinic (for the tummy tuck when all the loose skin appears :-))
From the day of inquiry, no-one was pushy, they were happy to answer all questions (I had many) and left me plenty time to make my decision. Once made, I had a choice of dates which were within the month and beyond and they assisted with accommodation also. You’re collected from the airport, chauffered from the clinic to accommodation for every appointment and delivered back to the airport again.
I’d also highly recommend the Nord apartments, which I stayed in – new apartments, fully equipped with kitchenette, large spacious rooms, comfy bed with 6 pillows of different fillings!! Honestly, I could keep ranting but I think you probably realise, this is a rave review!!!
BTW, for anyone living in Ireland, the bariatric surgery qualifies for the CBD (cross border directive) so, once you have any GP referral (my BMI was 32), this operation is FREE (you get the money back in about 3 months from the HSE). It’s a no-brainer – no waiting times and no cost! Go for it!!!