Top 10 product searches on ‘Bariatric IQ’

After weight loss surgery it is essential to keep an eye on your food choices. Most popular Bariatric IQ product searches reveal how people tend to eat and the truth is that not all the choices are appropriate. However, the Bariatric IQ app helps making wiser choices. Here is the list of the TOP 10 choices, with their dark and bright sides.

1. Cooked and scrambled egg is the most searched product in the USA. Mashed scrambled eggs might be eaten one week after surgery already – it is a great source of protein. A couple of weeks later patients can even eat them whole. Egg white is a protein standard which contains all the essential amino-acids necessary for the human body. The amount of egg whites is unlimited; however, the yolk should be eaten no more than 3 times per week.

2. Hard-boiled egg – this is one of the top 10 searched products; however it should not be added to the menu. Hard boiled eggs are difficult to digest and most patients cannot tolerate it, especially in the first part of the day. Nevertheless, a soft boiled egg can be eaten 2 weeks post-op. You can combine it with tuna, 1 month after surgery a soft boiled egg can be a very good choice as a main meal with raw veggies on the side. However, make sure you limit it to 3 times per week.

3. Chicken broth was the most searched product in Australia. It is a suitable choice even right after the surgery. However, our dietitian warns not to sip on it all day long as you won’t consume enough proteins unless you enrich it with protein powder.

4. Greek yogurt has become very popular these days because of the many valuable features it has and also because it is healthy and really tasty. Patients after bariatric surgery can start eating it during the very first few days post-op, however, they must read the labels and choose the one which is low in fat and sugar.

5. Chicken is a favourite among many Bariatric IQ app users. It is a well-known source of protein; however, when fried or grilled, chicken tends to irritate the gastrointestinal wall. Our dietitian says that you can still enjoy it, when it is boiled or stewed.

6. Cheese is available in many different forms and one of the most popular searches on Bariatric IQ is the well-known fermented yellow cheese. Now comes the disappointing moment of truth: yellow cheese should always be avoided. These cheeses are mostly too fatty! With such wide variety of cheeses available these days, just try more of low-fat types and soon you will find yourself a new favourite. For example, you can try low-fat cottage cheese in your 3rd week after surgery in small amounts.

7. Oat crispbread is a product most searched in Norway. You can eat it at the end of the third week after the surgery. However, make sure you chew it well. Oat crispbreads are a great source of dietary fibre, and can be eaten twice a day.

8. Cucumber is the most popular vegetable that is searched on the Bariatric IQ app. Post-bariatric patients should wait at least 4 weeks after the surgery to add cucumbers to their menu. Remember to prepare it properly for consumption – it should be eaten pealed and must be chewed well. Cucumber is extremely watery and its fresh taste is perfect to flavour water if you add a couple of pieces to your glass.

9. Banana was the most searched fruit on the app. The good news is that a ripe mashed banana can be eaten even after the first week of surgery. Bananas are easy to swallow because of their smooth consistency, however, patients still need to make sure to chew them well and eat them in small amounts as a snack because this delicious fruit is rich in fructose which can cause the unpleasant dumping syndrome. Banana was also the most popular product searched in the UK.

10. Skimmed milk is a wonderful source of protein which can be consumed as a snack or as a main meal. The best part about it is that patients can start drinking it very soon after the surgery – during the first post-op week.

Bariatric IQ app is dedicated to make adaptation easier for patients after surgery. You can check various food products in the app and depending on what period you are in after surgery, the app will give you recommendations on your diet. Download it and try yourself!